Our mission is to design and install the most cost effective and energy-efficient lighting systems that meet or exceed expectations for illumination levels and quality. Lighting retrofits provide many advantages such as productivity, reduced energy costs and compliance with environmental regulations. Among these we can also help you maximize energy savings and enhance visual appeal. We combine our knowledge as a full service Nationwide electrical contractor to ensure the lighting is compatible and integrated into the complete electrical system. WCLE’s lighting maintenance plans include all of your ongoing lighting requirements with the least possible disruption to your operations. We will work with you to design and implement energy retrofits for commercial, industrial, office and retail applications.

LED Lighting
Combining today’s fluorescent lamp with tomorrow’s new energy saving LED “GREEN” technology. LED lamps are easily installed or retrofitted. LED lamps are constructed from extruded aluminum and are high impact proof and have a life span from 50,000 to 75% of energy cost compared to fluorescent lamps. Most importantly, LED lamps are environmentally friendly, contain no mercury, no gas, and produce no UV or IR radiation. LED lamps are Ro HS compliant.

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